Indie pop and rock, mutant disco, new wave, italo, bubblegrunge, dance-punk, electroclash, new wave pop, new romantic

I believe that the dj-booth is best used as party for two or three people. If you have fun in the dj-booth that will translate to the people on the dancefloor.

I play music from mid 70’s to today with the base in the genres of indiepop & rock, new wave and disco. When the mood is right I play vinyl, but for the wild dancefloors digital is best.

Here’s a few places I’ve had gigs:
Debaser, Södra Teatern, Spy Bar, Bar Brooklyn, Moriskan, Hobo


If there’s a time beyond the pandemic, I hope we can party again.

Send an e-mail to with your booking inquires.


A few mixes made to be listen to at home. Press play and have a kitchen disco!

Power down with annikan

A mix with mid-tempo chill songs. Perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Poolside, Blossoms, Solange, La roux,

Fun & Funkyesque

A bit more disco, a bit more funk. A mix of old and new. Grace Jones, LCD Soundsystem, Sylvester, HAIM.

Groove is in the vogue

Filled with hits by only female fronted bands. Madonna, Spice Girls, Blondie, Whitney Houston, Deee-Lite

Best of 2020

The title says it all. My favourite songs of 2020. Lewis ofMan, Dream Wife, U.S Girls, The Magic Gang,

The latest and greatest – a playlist

I love sharing the music I like. Every friday I go through the latest releases to find stuff that I like and gather them in this playlist.