Instagram filters

My instagram filters are mostly adjustments of light/color/contrast as that was something I was missing: highly usable filters and not novelty filters. 

Elin, Miriam, Anna and more

I named my filters after friends and people I follow who has a special aesthetic, or post pictures that they are inspired by. 

Above are pictures of three of the filters with the people that inspired and named them.
Elin Sandström: illustrator and inspires her followers by posting collections of old photographies.
Miriam Parkman: weaver and vintage enthusiast who mostly wears clothes from the 40’s and 50’s.
Anna Malmborg jazz-singer and passionate about the late 60’s and 70’s.

Elin: The statistics

The filter ‘Elin’ had within 2 weeks of publishing more than 1 million impressions. The spread is steadily increasing with about 200 stories published each day. 


A design for thumbnails were made to be coherent and simple but at the same time give the feeling and the color adjustments of the filters.

“Sorry, can’t work today, have to stay home and take selfies”

A designer and photographer about the filter ‘Elin’

Every filter has a story

Sandra – inspired by the soft colors of influencer Sandra Beijer

Unn –  After Unn Swanström. She’s one of the most colorful people I know, always new haircolors  and bright colored clothes. This one was specially made to boost her pink hair.

Nicole – Warmth and glamour inspired by my dear friend Nicole Kavander

Manuela – My friend Manuela Fredriksson asked me to make a filter where bread- and spinach would look as tasty as it is.

Sylvester – A disco filter inspired by the late artist Sylvester

Try them out

You can find and try all of the filters via my instagram profile: