As someone wise must have said sometime: When the pandemic hits – new projects arise.

I started making miniatures, which eventually grew into a house taking over our real sized livingroom. It’s a 70’s miami inspired house with a music studio on top, a dj-booth and bar in the livingroom. Built in the size of dollhouse maker Lundy. So some furnitures are made from scratch, while some are upcycled Lundy-furnitures.

Plant made from wire and tape. Doors handpainted to resemble stained glass.
Mint green and pink bathroom with jacuzzi.

Someone is moving in

Of course, I had to remodel a doll to look like me. The body is from a Lundby-doll. The head is made from clay and to make the hair the right nuance, I cut some of my own hair off. Here I am sorting my vinyl records with the cat Ziggy showing some interest.

In the studio my boyfriend is creating some great music.