A web service by Fastighetsbyrån for selling your house or apartment. All paperwork, bids and chat with your realtor is available right in your palm.

My role

I worked tightly together with a UX-designer to develop sketches made by a koncept team (some time earlier) into the finished product. The look and feel was supposed to be coherent with the already existing site. The process of the UX and the visual design followed each other throughout the project.

Version 1, before the design update.

Updating the design

When Fastighetsbyrån started the progress of redesigning their brand and site, Säljcoachen also needed a redesign to match everything else.

A colleague of mine was responsible of translating the new brand guidelines into web design and modernising the overall feeling. So mostly, the updated design of Säljcoachen was to follow the look of the web, but since they were designed at the same time inspiration could, and did, flow between the projects.

Here, I worked solo for most of the time.

Version 2

Depending on where you are on the timeline (from meeting the realtor to signing the contract with the buyer) different things are shown on the site, giving you the right tools at the right time.

Designed in blocks that are hidden or shown depending on how close to selling.
Different tools: checklists for the seller and a tool to approve the text in the listing.

A presentation of the service (version 1) made by Fastighetsbyrån themselves.