Odla Drickbart – A calendar for the exhibition Intoxicating Gardens: Cultivating Cocktails


With “Intoxicating Gardens: Cultivating Cocktails”, we seek to tell the story behind beverages and plants, behind the urge to till the soil and the tonic effects of cultivation on the soul. And of course of the drinks the garden inspires: organic homemade drinks, well‐made, attractive, appetising drinks (with or without alcohol), flavoured with what grows in forest, field and garden. Or in exotic places around the world.

Spritmuseum about the exhibition

The project

As a social media campaign a calendar was made to create content inspired by the exhibition.

Each month new content was added, giving people a taste of the exhibition, and relevant year-round inspiration.

My role

I did the design of the calendar site.

The bartenders of Spritmuseum created the drink recipes and the cocktails for the photoshoots. Styling, art direction and editing made by me.

All of the DIY:s presented in the calendar was written and made by me.

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